The Public Files Search link contains Health Dept. Well & Septic Program residential property files from approximately 1985 through the present. Some properties constructed before 1985 may contain a file in this system if activity such as a building permit or sewage disposal system repair occurred after 1985. Non-residential properties, undeveloped lots, subdivision master files, properties in which development is ongoing, and properties in which no activity has occurred since before approximately 1985 are not in this system. If you do not find the property file in this system, please submit a Public Information Act form to our Department.

Search Instructions:
•    Click on the “keyword” button at the top of the screen
•    Type in all or part of the street address or the tax identification number into the search field. To search by tax account number, type the number in XX-XXXXXX format.
•    Select category “all categories
•    Select search by “all words”, “any word”, or “exact phrase.” Using the “any words” search will yield the most complete result.
•    Select search where to highlight both name and description, especially if searching by tax account number.
•    The results are listed as pdf files. Click on the file to open it, save it, or print it.
•    Please note that many properties will contain multiple files with a separate file for the well, for each building permit, for the sewage disposal system installation, etc.